Early childhood education is situated in a hybrid space that allows an ongoing interaction between the global and local values. Most of the countries in the south have been affected and influenced by theories and practices from the north. This resulted in various form of resistances as well as adaption. This conference attempts to go between the binary of north and south, global and local by providing a space where these values can continue negotiate with one another. The conference hence aims to create a venue where global and local practices, theorists and also experts can engage in meaningful and productive conversation. This conference would attract  scholars, academics, teachers and students to discuss on various topics, theories and research on early childhood education both at the global as well as local scale.


This conference aims to increase the provision of quality early education and practices.

The specific objectives of the conference are to:

1. Organise an international forum discussing current issues in local and global practices of Early Childhood Education

2. Disseminate practices of Early Childhood Education successful practices in Indonesia and other countries

3. Discuss local and global practices of Early Childhood Education related to policies in various countries

4. Disseminate the latest evidance on local and global practices of Early Childhood Education

Keynote Speakers
1. Prof. Jan Newberry (Univesity of Lethbridhe Canada)




2. Hani Yulindrasari, Ph. D. (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia)





3. Dr. I Fang Lee (The University of Newcastle, Australia)





4. Dr. Rhoda Myra Garces Bascal (United Arab Emirates University)




Important Dates
July 30, 2020: Abstract Submission Deadline

August 30, 2020: Full Article Submission Deadline

October 1, 2020: Payment Deadline

October 15-16, 2020: The Conference Date

March, 2021: Expected Proceeding Publication

Call for Papers

1. Early Childhood Education in Covid-19 Era

2. Philosophical Issues in Early Childhood Education

3. Curriculum and Assessment of Early Childhood Education

4. Access and Quality in Early Childhood Education

5. ICT in Early Childhood Education

6. Parenting

7. Gender Issues in Early Childhood Education

8. Teachers Training in Early Childhood Education

9. Teaching & Learning in Early Childhood Education

10. Language Development & Literacy in Early Childhood Education

11. Children’s Development

12. Critical Issues in Early Childhood Education

13. Child Right

14. Art and Creativity in Early Childhood Education

15. Multiculturalism in Early Childhood Education

16. Policy in Early Childhood Education

17. Methodological Issues in Early Childhood Education

18. Health and Nutrition in Early Childhood Education

Registration Fee
IDR 2.250.000

*Including the Publication and Presentation Fees

Bank Account
Bank: BNI

Branch: UPI Bandung

Account Number: 0715481171

Account Name: ICECE

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